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Thank you for visiting Royal Cakes & Treats

My name is Denise Favor. I am the owner, baker and edible artist of Royal Cakes & Treats.  My passion for cake decorating began over 20 years ago. I started as a hobby baker, doing buttercream cakes for family and friends.  In 2014, I did my very first fondant cake for a client, and quickly learned the cake decorating industry had drastically changed over the years. It's no longer just cake decorating, it's a work of edible art.  Since that time I have taken various cake decorating classes. I've spent  hours practicing to enhance my craft.  I truly believe there is nothing we can't create in an edible form. 


Whether your event is large or small the same amount of passion goes into every detail.  I work with each client to make their vision come to life.  My greatest pleasure is the joy of excitement when a client sees their cake and treats. 

Our  products are custom made to fit any occasion. Not only are they amazing to the eye but they taste like Royalty, absolutely delicious. Each cake is baked fresh with the finest ingredients. 


Contact us today and give your special occasion a taste of Royalty


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